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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Print Black & White on Canon MX850

 Multi-function and all-in-one printers such as the Canon Pixma MX850 have a lot of settings and capabilities. Printing in black and white, or grayscale, is easy to switch to depending on each print. Printing in grayscale can be useful if you want to print out draft copies of a document or photograph, or alternatively if you want to have black and white prints for aesthetic reasons.

1). Click "Start" then your username.

2). Browse through your computer until you reach the file you want to print.

3). Double-click it and then click "File" followed by "Print."
4). Make sure the Canon Pixma MX850 is selected in the print dialog box. Click "Preferences." Click "Grayscale Printing" and then "OK."

5). Click "Print" to print in black and white with your Canon Pixma MX850 printer.


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