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Friday, June 17, 2011

Steps to Upgrade a Computer

The demands of computer software only rise with time, and if you have an older machine, you may no longer be as happy with its performance as you once were. It is time for an upgrade. However, the process of upgrading a computer can be daunting for those who do not do so regularly. 

Locate Bottleneck
Analyze the performance of your computer to determine the component that creates a performance bottleneck. For example, the video card is the primary component that influences the performance of games, while the processor influences tasks such as video rendering and file compression.

Research Upgrade Process
Learn the process for installing the type of component that you are considering purchasing. Generally, the process of upgrading a desktop computer is similar from one computer model to another. However, notebook computers can differ greatly. Locate the service manual or disassembly instructions for your computer and determine whether the upgrade process is within your skill level.

Select Component
Perform research to select the brand and model of the component that you want to buy. Many processors, video cards, hard drives and other components are available to choose from. Narrow the search by first determining which components are compatible with your computer. For example, if your computer uses DDR-2 SDRAM memory, you can only upgrade the computer with DDR-2 SDRAM with the same rated speed or faster.

Purchase Component
Buy the component after locating a merchant that sells it at a reasonable price. If you can find the component at a local shop, you can purchase it and upgrade your computer without delay. However, if you search for merchants online, you may be able to purchase the same component at a lower price.

Print Upgrade Instructions
Print the service manual or disassembly guide for your computer before beginning the upgrade, unless you have a second computer that you can view the instructions on. If you have only one computer, you may otherwise experience frustration if you encounter a problem during the upgrade and cannot view the instructions.

Perform Upgrade
Install the new component in your computer. Open your computer only with the power turned off. If you have a notebook computer, remove the battery as well. Follow the disassembly instructions carefully, and avoid touching any component that you are not familiar with.


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