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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Troubleshoot NVRAM

Non-Volatile Random Access Memory, a type of memory that retains its contents when power is turned off. One type of NVRAM is SRAM that is made non-volatile by connecting it to a constant power source such as a battery. Another type of NVRAM uses EEPROM chips to save its contents when power is turned off. In this case, NVRAM is composed of a combination of SRAM and EEPROM chips.

1). Put the Windows 7 installation disc into your computer's optical drive and power the system on.
2). Click on the language that you speak from the menu that appears and then click "Next."

3). Click on the "Repair your computer" option from the menu.

4). Choose the Windows 7 operating system from the menu and then click "Next."

5). Click on the "Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool" from the menu and then wait for the scan to complete.

6). Wait for the system to restart with your NVRAM repaired.


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