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Friday, June 10, 2011

Fastest Xeon Processors

The Xeon family processors focus more on multi-tasking capacity than on maximizing processor frequency ratings. Xeon processors feature support for large level-3 data caches, multi-processor support and additional processing cores. These features enable servers to handle the large numbers of concurrent programs and processes that server-grade computers typically run. 

Xeon E7-8870
The most powerful model is the 8870. This processor has a base operating frequency of 2,400 megahertz, supports server systems running up to eight processors and has 10 processing cores. It supports 10 level-2 data caches rated at 256 kilobytes each and a 30-megabyte L3 data cache. This processor also supports hyper-threading, allowing each processing core to calculate two processes at once.

Xeon E7-8860
The Xeon E7-8860 provides many of the same features found on the 8870. The 8860 also supports turbo-boost, hyper-threading and multiprocessor systems with up to eight processors. The 8860 and 8870 both utilize a 3200 MHz QPI front side bus. The main features of the 8860 that set it apart from the more powerful 8870 are its lower processor frequency rating and smaller L3 cache. The 8860 has a processor frequency rating of 2267 MHz that can reach 2400 MHz using turbo boost.

Xeon E7-4870
The 4870 is designed for smaller servers using fewer processors. The 4870 only supports systems using four processors or less. This processor has a base operating speed of 2400 MHz and provides a 30 MB, level-3 data cache with a 3200 MHz QPI front side bus. The E7-4870, 8860 and 8870 all require a system board capable of providing up to 130 watts of power.

Xeon X7560
The X7560 is the most powerful processor available in this family. It has a base operating frequency of 2267 MHz that increases to 2667 MHz using the turbo boost feature. This processor provides a 3200 MHz QPI front-side bus and supports eight processing cores and multiprocessor systems using up to eight processors.


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