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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Connect My Laptop to an Audio/Video Receiver

 Audio/Video receiver can be used to act as a media center for your home theater system. The improvement in cabling technology has made it possible to export the audio and video from your computer's graphics card to your external devices with just a single cable. The entire hook up takes only a minute or two and you can be enjoying your digital media files on your TV or sound system.
1). Find the "HDMI" port on the side of your laptop, and locate the corresponding "HDMI" port on the rear of your receiver.

2). Insert one end of the cable into the port on the laptop, and plug the other end into the port on the receiver.

3). Play a song on your laptop and press the "Source" or "Input" button until you hear the sound from your laptop over the receiver's speaker system.


You can connect just about any device with a miniplug headphone output, such as a walkman or cd player, to an audio receiver by using an adapter from stereo miniplug to RCA stereo cables. Adapter cables also exist that have the male miniplug on one end and the rca connectors on the other end. Plug the rca connectors into an Aux input. Any line level input will do, Tape in for example. Set the volume on the source so the level in the receiver matches your other inputs, such as your tuner. This should work for a computer with a headphone output as well.

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