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Monday, June 6, 2011

Fix a Blurry Widescreen Monitor

Main reason behind widescreen monitor blurriness is a lack of necessary RAM (random access memory) to run your computer's programs, although a number of monitor settings under your operating system may need to be tweaked in order to fix this problem. Fortunately, no specific computer expertise is required in order to troubleshoot and fix a blurry widescreen monitor.

Follow the below steps to resolve this issue:
1). Check your widescreen monitor under different situations. If the monitor only appears blurry in certain situations and not others, the issue may not lie with the monitor itself. There must be enough free RAM available for your computer programs and games to run smoothly and without blur.
Try closing certain unneeded programs and testing your monitor's performance.

2). Use the Task Manager in Windows to check on your system's performance and view what applications are open and which may need to be closed in order to free up enough memory to eliminate blur on your widescreen monitor. Press the "CTRL" and "ALT" and "Delete" buttons simultaneously on your computer's keyboard to bring up the Task Manager. You may select the "Performance" tab under the Task Manager to check your applications' memory usage.

3). Ensure the latest version of Direct X is installed on your computer.

4). Right-click anywhere on your desktop area if blur problems continue on your widescreen monitor. Select the "Personalize" listing from the menu that appears after right clicking, then select "Display Settings." Choose the "Highest" setting option within this Display Settings window.

5). Change the refresh rate of your widescreen monitor to 60 hertz. This also can be altered under the "Display Settings" menu and by selecting "Advanced Settings" and "Monitor."

6). Right click on your desktop again if problems persist and the fonts exclusively appear to be blurry. Select "Personalize," then choose "Windows Color and Appearance." Choose the "Effects" listing from the pop up box. Select the "Clear Type/Standard."
7). Allow Windows to choose the correct settings to improve blurriness if all other attempts fail. Right click on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop. Choose "Properties" and "Advanced System Settings." Under the Advanced Settings tab, select "Advanced" and "Performance Settings." Choose the "Let Windows choose what's best for my computer" option under the "Performance Settings" listing.


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