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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Repair a Raw Drive

When a new hard drive is not formatted it is called raw hard drive. These drives do not have the ability to retain files or operating systems. If you would like to repair a raw drive and give it the ability to house files or use it as a primary operating system drive, you will need to format it. Formatting the drive can be done through the Windows Disk Management application that comes with Windows operating system. 

Here are the steps to format a hard drive in windows 7:
1). Click "Start" and then the "Control Panel" option in the menu.

2). Click "System and Maintenance" and then "Administrative Tools."

3). Click the "Computer Management" icon and then the "Disk Management" icon, located under the "Storage" header.

4). Right click on the raw drive from the list of hard drives and click "New Simple Volume." Click the "Next" button when the New Simple Volume wizard appears.

5). Leave the drive size alone, since you are not partitioning i,t and accept the default drive letter. Click the "Next" button.

6). Click the "Next" button to format your drive in the next window and then click "Finish." Wait for the drive to be formatted. This could take up to 20 minutes, depending on the size of your drive.
7). Click the "Close" button when prompted to exit the window.


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