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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quick Tips to Earn Farm Cash In Farmville

To Get Cash In Farmville is not that hard , just Follow The Steps below and see how you can generate the maximum number of FV Cash everyday so you can get Maximum farm cash, Learn All the secret techniques on getting FV cash. As you may know, earning cash in farmville is not as easy as it seems, it take time and effort to get  free Farm Cash exept if you exchanged it with the real money,

  • LEVEL UP: For every level you achieve you get one more free Farmville Cash buck.

  • EARN RIBBONS: Every time you achieve a ribbon, you automatically receive 1 more free Cash buck.

  • BUY THEM: Although the game is free to play, the company would like people to buy. Farm Dollars with real money to buy specialized items, so that they can use the real money to help offset the expenses of running the game servers. So you can buy Farm Cash with real American money (USD).

You must pay Zynga by credit card online,

By clicking the "+ Add coins and cash" link at the top-left of the page.


  • Taking surveys or quiz. You can gain FV$ by filling out surveys or solving quiz online through sponsors affiliated with Farmville.
  • You can reach these surveys by going to the “Get More Farm Coins” tab in the Farmville game.  The range in how much FV$ you will actually get varies, as well as your time invested in filling out these surveys.

  • !!!! BE AWARE!!!! Many of these surveys are ” free”, but some ask for more information than you might be willing to provide such as cell phone numbers and mailing addresses, while others can be very time consuming and fruitless.   Choose the surveys carefully, as many seem to be scams to get you to buy a product or a subscription service. However, there are some virtually harmless ones out there, they’re just a little more difficult to find.

 Sign Up for Jobs
  • Join Jobs with your neighbors and complete them to earn farm cash

 Check for New Goals on the left hand side  
  • Complete the goals and you will earn farm cash

  • Watch out for some special offers:


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