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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fix Mouse Pointer Disappears

When the mouse is malfunctioning, it will often disappear for short and long periods of time. To resolve this issue, you'll have to try a few different solutions since there may be more than one issue affecting your disappearing mouse. Following are the steps given to resolve such issue.

1). Clean the bottom of your laser lens mouse with a damp cloth. Dirt can build up on the lens and block the light that transmits to the mouse. If you have a mouse with a ball, turn the outer casing of the ball's compartment counter-clockwise, carefully remove the ball and clean it with a damp cloth. Dry the laser lens or ball with a paper towel.

2). Plug your USB mouse into another USB port on your computer. Sometimes USB ports can stop working.
3). Run a virus scan on your computer and remove any malware. Certain malware can cause mouse cursors to disappear.

4). Replace the batteries in your mouse.

5). Purchase a new mouse. Just like any computer hardware, a mouse can simply become defective after prolonged use.


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