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Monday, May 2, 2011

Locate Lost Files

There are instances when files are accidentally deleted or moved to another location, particularly when you share the computer with multiple other users. The good thing is that there are several options you can try in order to locate lost files.

1). Click "Start," and type the file name or a part of the file name in the "Search" box. Files that match the keywords will automatically appear in the search results as you type. Click the file name to open. If you want to search files inside a particular folder, open the folder and type the file name or keywords in the "Search" bar in the upper right corner of the window. For more advanced searching, proceed to the next step.
2). Browse through the search results. Under "Search again in," click "Custom" to search in a specific location; "Computer" for the system to search the entire computer; "Library" to search in libraries; or "Internet" to search online.
3). Check in your Recycle Bin. If the file is no longer in its previous location, it may have been accidentally deleted. Browse for the file, right-click the file name, and select "Restore this item." 

4). Restore a lost file from a restore point or from a backup if the file is not in the Recycle Bin or if you cannot search for it in the system. If you know the folder where the files were previously located, right-click the folder, and then click "Restore previous versions." Under "File versions," you will see a list of the folder's previous versions saved as a backup or restore point. Click the file, and select "Open" to view the previous version. If you are sure that you want to restore that version of the folder, select "Restore."


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