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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Unable to detect SATA hard disk during XP installation

In order to install XP (of either flavour) you need to follow a particular method to install the SATA drivers.

1).You'll need to have the SATA drivers available on a floppy disk ready for the install process - if your mainboard manufacturer has not supplied a floppy disk with the drivers you'll find them on your mainboard CD or manufacturers website.

2).Make sure that, if you need to copy onto a floppy disk, you transfer all the files from the SATA driver folder - special attention needed to ensure you include all relevant files.

3).Check your mainboard manual for the appropriate BIOS settings for booting from SATA.

4).As the XP set-up begins you will be prompted to 'Press F6 to specify third-party RAID or SCSI drivers' - at this point you should press F6 and,

when asked, insert the floppy disk with the relevant drivers. Select the appropriate driver when asked and continue with the setup. There may be some delays during this process and the set-up may appear to be continuing without recognizing the key-press - so don't panic.

5).When successful you'll be able to select the HD to install on. If you are not given the HD you have not completed the procedure correctly. Check you are using the correct drivers, have any relevant BIOS updates for your mainboard, and try again.


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