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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Install AGP Card

Install AGP Card

Welcome to our guide to video card installation: -
Most modern video cards use the AGP interface as it offers better performance than the PCI interface; this guide will take you through installing an AGP video card with the aid of text and images.

To install your video card you will need:
  • Compatible AGP video card.
  • Cross-point (Philips) Screwdriver suitable for your PC case.
  • Fixing screw (usually comes with the case or if upgrading use old screw).
  • Anti-Static Wrist-strap (if available).

Locating the AGP slot:
Note: Disconnect the power and remove your PC's cover, see our guide. (If you are upgrading your current video card then you will have to remove it first, to take the old card out remove the fixing screw (for an example see fig 1.4) and then gently lift the card out of the slot, they can be stubborn but if you gently lift one end at a time it will eventually come out (treat it like a loose tooth)).

We have provided an example of an AGP slot in fig, your AGP slot may differ but only slightly.

In fig you can see an example of an AGP video card and we have pointed out the alignment notch.

Installing the video card:
1). Next take the video card (hold it by the edges) and line it up with the slot paying careful attention to the alignment notch, when it is aligned correctly press gently but firmly until the card is seated fully and evenly into the slot (see fig below).

2). When you are happy that the card is firmly in place, insert the fixing screw fig and check to make sure you haven't loosened anything during installation.

Replace the case cover and reconnect the mains power.

3). When you reboot your machine Windows (or other OS) should find the card automatically, it may then ask you to insert the Disk/CD that came with your video card, insert the CD and follow the on-screen instructions to install the video card driver.

4). If your machine makes a series of beeps when you turn it back on then the video card may be inserted incorrectly, again make sure the card is fully inserted into the AGP slot.


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