Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Transfer All Data From HDD to HDD

Computer technology, including the acronyms and jargon that go with it, can confuse most people. Computer technicians used to joke that a PCMCIA card stood for people can't memorize computer industry acronyms. HDD is a bit simpler, as it stands for hard disk drive, as opposed to floppy disk drives or FDDs. Moving data between hard drives is less complicated than remembering the acronyms, though.

1). Find all of your files. Right-click on the "Start" menu and choose "Open Windows Explorer." Right-click on the hard drive and choose "Copy." If this is your Windows operating system hard drive, the files will be copied but you will not be able to run the operating system from the second drive.
2). Move the data to the second hard drive. If the drive is attached to the same computer, you can get to it by selecting the drive in Windows Explorer. If you need to move to another hard drive on another computer, insert a DVD or flash drive, right-click on the attached hard drive or DVD or flash drive and choose "Paste."

3). Put the flash drive or DVD in the second computer if moving to a hard drive on another computer. Select all the files in the DVD or flash drive. Right-click on the files and click "Copy," then select the new hard drive and click "Paste."


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