Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Restore Function on an HP Laptop not working

What Happens When You Lose the PC Restore Function on an HP Laptop?

Hewlett Packard laptops come with several tools for backing up and restoring information, including the ability to completely restore the entire system to its factory settings. If these functions are lost, users must access the default Windows tools for restoration or use other third-party software.

The primary "C" drive of an HP laptop comes with a built-in partition labeled "HP Recovery." This partition stores all the information required for the HP restoration functions. Removing, renaming or tampering with the drive causes these tools to become unavailable.
Without the recovery drive in working order, users cannot access the HP Recovery Manager during startup or use it to restore the system to its original state. The HP backup tools accessed from the recovery manager will also be inaccessible.

Even without the built-in HP tools, Windows has several options for restoring the system. The System Restore feature rolls the system back to a previous time, and the Windows Backup/Restore tool allows users to retrieve data. Using the Windows installation disc, users can perform a reinstallation of the operating system to completely reset the computer.


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